Why I Am Running

I have not taken the decision to run for Mayor lightly. I love Mapleton and want to preserve the elements that make this remarkable city unique & charming. Over the past few years, I’ve had a number of interactions with the current mayor that have caused me great concern. Informed as I was, I knew I had a choice – I could either sit back and not do anything, or I could step up and do something about my concerns.  I believe every voice in our community is important.  Each of us has something we could contribute to make our community better.  At this time, I offer my personal and professional perspective, my skills as a successful businessman and team-builder, and my determination to lead with integrity. I made my choice. I am running for Mayor.  I recognize that you now have a choice to make and I respectfully ask for your support and your vote.


My career has been built on bringing people together. I’ve worked on many commercial and residential projects that require a great deal of engagement, listening skills, and decisive action. Recently I had the opportunity to interact with local residents regarding a project here in town. There were many who were initially opposed to the project and had many valid concerns. I listened to them, sought to understand their concerns, and then acted to address each concern with a favorable solution. Together, we came to a solution that, I hope, they are not only pleased with, but excited about.  I believe every problem can be solved if we are willing to engage, listen, and act with integrity.  As your Mayor, I will use these principles as guiding posts for my approach to finding solutions that will be in Mapleton’s best interests.


Mapleton is a great place to live! I love living here. There are challenges facing our city that require strong leadership.  We need leadership that is committed to doing the right thing for the city as a whole, guided by a vision for the future that may require some hard decisions to be made now in order to preserve what we love about our city for tomorrow. Some of my top priorities are to:

1. Reduce the tax rates to be in line with other Utah County cities.

(Attract appropriate businesses, stop unnecessary litigation spending, lower city spending while maintaining effective government services)

2. Maintain the small-town, quiet atmosphere of Mapleton.

(Keep in touch with residents, seek solutions by talking to the people, control undisciplined development, protect planned zoning and the master plan, support those planning farmers markets and other similar efforts)

3. Reduce the high fees for pressurized irrigation.

I will LEAD through actively seeking to understand by engaging with my Mapleton neighbors.  Mapleton deserves better leadership


My commitment to Mapleton runs deep. As Mayor, my expectations for our city staff will be high.  As a business owner, I know from experience that high expectations and a shared vision result in exceptional service and job satisfaction.  Our City offices must be committed to the highest level of service to each and every resident of Mapleton. You deserve the best!  
Mapleton property owners pay one of the highest property tax rates in the state of Utah. As Mayor, I will work tenaciously to bring strategic growth to the city in order to distribute the tax burden and increase our revenue. Otherwise, we will continue the status quo of paying the full cost of running the city with our ever-increasing property taxes. Sharing this burden with appropriate commercial development is crucial. Our smaller population is not something that attracts many businesses. However, with the right leadership and vision, I do believe we can attract businesses that will fit into our quaint community setting, without changing what sets us apart from larger surrounding communities. 
My background is in the private sector. I understand firsthand the need for efficiency within an organization. Mapleton does have a balanced budget and this is great, but a balanced budget is only the first step.  Unfortunately, our property taxes are increasing this year. The current mayor has rejected opportunities to generate revenue outside of property taxes. The city – and its budget – must be run more efficiently. We can do better.